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A completely self-contained unit, our horizontal shaft unit, HJP, requires no additional seachest, allowing for a simple installation.

Horizontal Shaft Thrusters (HJP)

Unlike our T3S unit, the rotor shaft is mounted horizontally, with the vertical steering shaft driving the discharge deflector directly to provide our signature 360° manoeuvrability in all conditions.

Hjp Ship

Water is drawn into the heart of the unit through the integrated intake grille before then passing through the static guide vanes to smooth out the imparted swirl. It is finally expelled through the unit’s deflector.

We manufacture the HJP thruster in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. With units available with a static thrust output up to 7 tonnes, our HJP is a great choice for many vessel types.

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Previous installations

  • Vessel Name: RSS James Clark Ross
  • Owner / Operator: British Antarctic Survey
  • Vessel type: Research
  • Installation: 50T3S Bow Thruster
Courtesy of British Antarctic Survey. www.antarctica.ac.uk
  • Vessel Name: Island Home
  • Owner / Operator: Woods Hole Steam Ship Authority
  • Vessel type: Ferry
  • Installation: 2 x 32HJP bow & stern thrusters
Courtesy of Steam Ship Authority. www.steamshipauthority.com
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