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Built to comply with international marine standards, our modern control system is designed and built to be user friendly and intuitive for easy operation and maintenance for your crew.

Steering Motor & Control


Our drop-in, manual control panels are supplied for installation into the wheelhouse, bridge wings or aft control stations. With a 360˚ rotatable control head for thruster azimuth and speed control, as well as multi-screen HMI providing all the required indicators, our control panels provide easy and precise control of our thrusters.

Steering  Control Product Image
Twgt Control Panel


Our starter and control cubicle is also designed to be user friendly. Floor mounted and IP55 rated, our control cubicle houses all PLC equipment to control everything, including thruster start, running and alignment, plus AC variable speed steering drive and all other thruster functions - all accessed via the external multi-screen HMI. It also has the facility to interface with any remote ship systems, including dynamic positioning, joystick, voyage data recorder and any alarm monitoring systems.


Our fan cooled, reversible, electric steering motor mounts directly onto the thrust unit and is geared to rotate the discharge deflector in either direction at approximately 6 rpm, allowing a 180° change of direction in around 5 seconds. Controlled via our AC variable speed drive, the steering motor provides precise positioning for all manoeuvring operations.

Mounted to the steering motor is a gear driven transmitter to provide azimuth feedback to our control panels, and any integrated joystick or dynamic positioning system.

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