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Tees White Gill Thrusters is a heavy machining & engineering company, committed to providing the very best service to satisfy the requirements of all interested parties. Prime importance is placed on the continuous development and delivery of the best practices to achieve the satisfaction of its customers. Every part of the business is constantly reviewed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The Company is committed to continually improving its quality, safety, health and environmental performance, and to achieving higher levels of awareness among its management and workforce, suppliers and subcontractors. The Managing Director and Managers of the Company are responsible for ensuring that all employees understand and fulfil Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Management System requirements. The Company recognises the duties placed upon it, to preserve and protect the safety, health and environment of all its employees, other persons and the public in general. We recognise that our activities may have an impact on the environment, and are committed to preventing pollution through seeking continually to improve our environmental performance. The Company will put its Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Policy into practice by pursuing the following objectives. We will:

 • Provide our customers with products and services that conform to the agreed  contractual requirements, and maintain our existing customer base whilst  continually looking for new opportunities
 • Endeavour to achieve the customer's requirements, reduce non-conformances and customer complaints, and constantly review the quality, safety, health, and environment objectives
 • Meet all applicable legal requirements, together with other requirements which  relate to quality, safety, health and environmental aspects of the business such  as industry and client codes of practice
 • Provide and maintain the infrastructure, machinery, equipment and systems of  work that are safe and without risk to health or the environment when properly  used, as far as is reasonably practicable
 • Ensure that all our staff develop a good understanding of the quality, safety,  health and environmental impacts of our business and what is expected of them
 • Adopt practices which minimise environmental hazards
 • Reduce where practicable the level of harmful emissions
 • Minimise waste in all operations and product developments
 • Include environmental issues in training programmes, and encourage the  implementation of sound environmental practices
  • Raise the awareness of environmental issues to ensure they are considered at the early stages of the decision-making process
  • Minimise the generation of emissions and waste
  • Ensure the safe disposal of waste
  • Conduct regular environmental audits and correct any deficiencies identified
  • Require contractors and sub-contractors to operate to the same standard
  • Use the Best Available Techniques (BAT) principle when considering the need to prevent, minimise or render harmless the release of pollutants to air, land or water encompassed within any prescribed process
  • Seek to use the most environmentally efficient modes of transport and reduce unnecessary travel
  • As far as is reasonably practicable, make arrangements to ensure manufacture, handling, storage and transport of components and substances that are safe and without risk to health or the environment
  • Ensure that all our suppliers are aware of this policy, and request them to apply similar quality, safety, health and environmental standards to their own work
  • Communicate with local communities to ensure that our activities cause the minimum amount of disruption and have minimum impact on the local environment
  • Report in Management Review on our Quality, Safety, Health and Environment performance

The Policy Statement will be made available to all interested parties by publishing them on our website. A continual process of instruction, training and assessment of employees, together with the monitoring of all our business activities, will be implemented. All employees must be aware of their individual responsibility to take reasonable care of themselves and others that may be affected by their work and the environment, and to cooperate with the company to fulfil its duties under Safety, Health and Environmental legislation.

The Managing Director and Quality Manager shall be responsible for this Policy and will regularly review the organisation, planning and achievement of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment issues towards the prevention of non-conformances, pollution, and accidents, and provide a commitment to on-going continuous improvement.